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SD Card with Firmware

SD Card with Firmware


From time to time, we offer free camera firmware updates to help improve the performance, which requires customers to download files onto their computer and transfer them to an SD card. 


This SD card serves as an option for customers who want to update their camera firmware without having to download firmware and transfer it to their SD card. 


You can use one SD card to update the firmware on multiple cameras, as long as they have the same lens. 


After receiving this SD card, follow the steps below to complete your upgrade. 


  • Turn camera off­­
  • Remove current SD card
  • Insert new SD card
  • Make sure camera power is stable (Powering off during a firmware update could permanently damage your camera)
  • Switch camera to SETUP mode
  • Arrow right to OTHER, then down to FW Update
  • Press OK, then select SOFTWARE, then YES
  • Wait approximately 2 minutes. When the camera reboots, the process is complete
  • Upon Completion, your camera's settings will revert to factory default settings. Feel free to call us if you need assistance changing your camera's settings. Check out our instructional videos at for a refresher on camera settings.
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