Big Solar Battery Pack (2022)

Big Solar Battery Pack (2022)


Supercharge Your Battery Life in Order to Minimize Trips to Your Cameras.


25,000 mAh battery pack

10 watt monochrystalline solar panel

12v output for your camera


Includes a sturdey, easy-to-use mount, 4.0x1.7mm cable, and a USB cable for in-home charging if needed

The camera can operate with just the solar panel (no batteries) but we highly recommend installing 12 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries as backup. The camera will use the solar panel battery as the primary power source until it is exhausted. It will then switch to the AA batteries until the solar battery pack is sufficiently charged.


NOTE: if the AA batteries and Solar panel both become exhausted, the camera will need to be manually restarted. The solar panel will not charge the batteries in the camera, it will only charge the lithium ion cells inside the solar panel.


We don't make this panel but we're always testing new accessories to help you get the maximum joy from your cameras. We've tested numerous solar battery packes and this is the best one we've found so far. 


Operating temp: 0°F - 140°F

Operating Humidity: 5% -95%

Waterproof: IP66