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Mounting Tips

  1. Face camera north or south if possible - If you're facing east or west, the sun can cause wash out pictures and cause false triggers. 

  2. Mount on a sturdy tree/pole approximately 3-4 ft high

    1. If you're getting too many blank images, raise camera as high as 8 ft and/or tilt camera up slightly so that it isn't pointing towards the ground. ​

    2. Mounting your camera more than 6 ft high can a) reduce the motion sensor's ability to detect motion and b) cause false triggers

  3. When the camera is in SETUP mode, you'll see a red light on the front of the camera. This is your motion indicator. The light will blink off then back on whenever the camera detects motion.  If the red light is solid, the camera does not detect any motion. To use this feature, mount your camera, then turn it to SETUP mode and press the MENU button. Then walk around in front of the camera and make sure it detects your motion. 

  4. After your camera finishes "Searching" and "GPS Searching," press the OK button to take and send a test picture. After your camera sends a picture to your command center, your camera will display "Send Succeed." After this, slide it up to on,  

  5. Avoid

    1. Branches and grass blowing within 20 ft. 

    2. Heat sources like a lake, big rock, or big tree within 20 ft

  6. Brighten Your Night-Time Photos - Try to have trees, grass, or other objects in the background to reflect the infrared light produced by the camera to get brighter photos. 

  7. NOTE: your camera perceives motion by detecting heat differential in its field of view. Warm weather, rain, and snow can reduce your camera's ability to detect motion at long distances. 

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