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Updating Your Camera Firmware

1. Download new firmware files onto your computer 

  • Click the blue button(s) to download the applicable zip folder

  • Open the zip folder and access two files: SPHOST.CFG and SPHOST.BRN

  • Helpful tips for using zip folders:

    • You may need to select "Show in Folder" in order to view your zip folder

    • You may need to click "Extract All" to unzip the folder

    • Here is a third-party zip folder Youtube tutorial 

  • NOTE: You won't be able to "Open" these files on your computer. Instead, simply transfer them to your SD card as shown in step 2.

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 3.38.06 PM.png

2. Transfer firmware to your SD card

  • You can use the same SD card to update multiple cameras, as long as they have the same lens.

  • Insert your SD card into your computer (OR plug your camera into your computer via USB cable)

  • If your SD card already has files named SPHOST.CFG and SPHOST.BRN, then delete them before proceeding

  • Add your recently-downloaded SPHOST.CFG and SPHOST.BRN files to your SD card

    • Make sure you add them individually. Do not add the entire folder and do not place these files inside a folder. If your new firmware files are inside of a folder or named differently, your camera will not be able to read them. (See images for acceptable SD card file structure)

    • Do not put Standard lens firmware and Wide lens firmware on the same SD card

  • Check that the file names match SPHOST.CFG and SPHOST.BRN exactly (additional numbers, parentheses, or other characters must be deleted)

  • Safely eject your SD card

image (2).png
image (3).png

3. Update camera

  • Turn camera off­­

  • Remove current SD card and insert this new SD card

  • Make sure camera power is stable (Powering off during a firmware update can permanently damage your camera)

  • Switch camera to SETUP mode and press the MENU button

  • Arrow right to OTHER, then arrow up to FW Update and press OK

  • Select SOFTWARE (red) and press OK; then select YES (red) and then press OK

The camera will display “Update FW” while it’s updating. Keep the camera powered on for approximately 2 minutes. You'll know that the update is complete when the camera displays the logo and begins "Searching." After “Searching” and “GPS Searching” disappear from the screen, press the circular OK button to take and send a test picture. After you receive your test picture, turn the camera ON.

You can leave this SD card in the camera (or turn the camera OFF and swap this SD card with another one before turning the camera back ON). You can use this same SD card to update multiple cameras, as long as they all have the same lens.

Upon completion, your camera's settings will revert to factory default settings. Feel free to call us if you need assistance changing your camera's settings. Check out our instructional videos at for a refresher on camera settings

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