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Number 2 Case Study

John Doe is a small-town dad, just trying to live the American dream. But one thing was standing in his way.


Someone else’s dog kept pooping in his yard.


“I said ‘enough is enough.’” Doe told us in an exclusive interview. “I had to take action. So I researched a dozen cellular cameras and picked a wide-angle camera from”


“I don’t have reliable Wi-Fi where I wanted to put the camera, so I knew I needed a 4G cellular camera instead of a Wi-Fi camera,” Doe said. “Upon receiving my camera, I called the support team for some advice on camera settings. They helped me program my camera to send pictures to my phone and save videos on my SD card for evidence. They also helped me adjust my motion sensor sensitivity and set a daily schedule so my camera would only look for motion during certain times of the day. Then my lovely wife and I both downloaded the Command Center app and started watching the pictures roll in.”

dog poop case study.jpg

“To make a long story short, we caught the perpetrator, and he is currently serving time in the county jail. We take dog poop pretty seriously around these parts.”


Doe has since added six more cameras, which he uses for monitoring wildlife and trespassers around his properties.


“My only regret in life is not buying a camera sooner.” Doe said in his closing remarks. 

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